Top 10 Best shoes for flat feet 

If you possess flat feet, donning supportive footwear is crucial to mitigating the discomfort and fatigue that often accompany extended periods of walking or standing. The best shoes for flat feet provide excellent arch support and cushioning, helping to distribute pressure evenly across the foot. Podiatrist Nelya Lobkova, DPM, emphasizes that the ideal walking Best Shoes for flat feet should feature a spacious toe box and robust midfoot support to prevent further collapse of the arch. Additionally, a sturdy heel counter is essential to keep the shoe securely on your foot, while ample traction enhances stability.

To identify the premier walking shoes for flat feet, we begin by consulting podiatrists and other specialists to pinpoint the essential attributes every pair should possess. Our rigorous testing process spans weeks, during which we evaluate 95 expert-recommended shoes in real-life scenarios, with a focus on their construction and arch support. In some instances, we enlist two testers to gauge the shoes’ fit and comfort across different foot types. The standout pairs excel in fit, comfort, stability, cushioning, and overall value. For further accuracy and insights, we also sought the expertise of podiatrist Diana Valencia, DPM, and had a walking coach and RRCA-certified running coach from our Review Board scrutinize this story.

1) Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23

Intended Audience

Ideal for those who appreciate the run/walk technique or prefer not to invest in different shoes for walking and running workouts.

Reasons We Adore Them

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 Running Shoe stands out as our top pick for flat-footed walkers due to its exceptional fit, luxurious comfort, and superior support. This robust shoe is crafted for enduring comfort, and it has also garnered the American Podiatric Medical Association’s (APMA) Seal of Acceptance, affirming its contribution to promoting healthy feet.

In our evaluation of the women’s model, we were impressed by its perfect balance of cushioning—not overly plush, yet not excessively firm. During our walks, we noticed the responsive footbeds propelling us forward and effectively absorbing shock, safeguarding our ankles and knees.

Both versions of the sneaker are equipped with Brooks’ GuideRails support system, which incorporates firm, strategically positioned cushioning to reduce excessive movement and encourage a natural stride. The sneakers also feature breathable mesh uppers that keep feet cool while maintaining softness and flexibility.

These sneakers are also available in women’s sizes at Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Brooks.

2) Dansko Pace Walking Shoe

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Ideal for walkers seeking a supportive shoe that doesn’t compromise on style.

Reasons We Adore Them

Our other top overall selection, Dansko’s Pace Walking Shoe, is notable for its midsole that provided exceptional comfort, support, and shock absorption during our tests. The cushioned heel cup enveloped our rearfoot for a secure, snug fit. We were equally impressed by the outsole’s excellent traction, which kept us stable across various terrains.

Despite its robust support and cushioning, this shoe remained lightweight and effortless to walk in. The curved sole smoothly guided our steps. By the end of our testing, we were delighted to find that we could wear this fashionable pair all day without any pain or discomfort. Additionally, the shoe’s breathable mesh upper and anti-odor technology ensured our feet stayed cool, fresh, and dry.

Like some of our other top picks, the Pace has earned the APMA’s Seal of Acceptance, assuring its design prioritizes comfort. We appreciate its availability in two widths for an optimal fit and the stain-resistant recycled mesh upper that keeps these shoes looking pristine for longer. Available in a variety of neutral shades, these shoes seamlessly integrate into almost any wardrobe.

3) Rykä Devotion X

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Ideal for those with wider feet who favor more structured cushioning.

Reasons We Adore Them

Rykä’s Devotion X Walking Shoe emerged as the top choice for both flat feet and affordability during our testing. From the moment we slipped into these sneakers, their sturdy and supportive design impressed us. Endorsed by the APMA, this pair boasts a cushioned midsole that strikes the perfect balance between protective thickness and softness. We particularly appreciated the just-right arch support tailored for flat feet—it was noticeable without causing any discomfort.

Throughout our test walks, the Devotion X consistently delivered excellent shock absorption and enduring comfort. The durable, traction-enhanced rubber outsole added an extra layer of stability, while the spacious toe box and soft mesh upper ensured a blister-free experience. By the conclusion of our testing, these shoes proved to be remarkably resilient, becoming our go-to pair for their unbeatable comfort and support.

4) Saucony Guide 16

Intended Audience

Ideal for individuals seeking a highly supportive shoe for everyday walks that remains light and sleek without feeling heavy or cumbersome.

Reasons We Adore Them

For those seeking a featherlight walking companion, Saucony’s Guide 16 Sneaker is a standout choice. It’s engineered with firm medial posts to curb overpronation, ensuring flat feet stay aligned. While we have yet to test this specific model, our experience with its predecessor, the Guide 15, left us impressed with its snug fit and plush, responsive cushioning. Both versions boast airy uppers that contour to your feet for a tailored feel.

The Guide 16’s outsole features strategic grooves that enhance forefoot flexibility, promoting effortless, comfortable strides. What sets this pair apart is its deep footbed, providing multidirectional support, not just from beneath. Tipping the scales at a mere 8.4 ounces, these breezy sneakers are perfect for daily strolls in your neighborhood.

5) Nike Motiva Walking Shoes

Intended Audience

Ideal for walkers with tender knees seeking footwear that inspires motion and provides gentle support.

Reasons We Adore Them

Nike’s Motiva Walking Shoe is expertly tailored for walking enthusiasts, boasting cushioning that is both plush and responsive, offering superior protection for individuals with knee discomfort. Our testing revealed that its robust midsole provides remarkable stability with each stride, along with outstanding arch support and optimized shock absorption to alleviate joint pain.

Throughout our test walks, we were impressed by the shoe’s curved outsole, which facilitated a smooth, forward motion with a gentle rocking effect. The outsole’s thick, undulating design enhances the sneaker’s luxurious feel. Additionally, a soft, breathable upper paired with a spacious toe box ensures your feet remain comfortable and cool.

6) Asics Gel-nimbus 25

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Ideal for under pronators seeking to invest in a soft, dependable shoe for daily walks and occasional runs.

Reasons We Adore Them

For those seeking a walking shoe with abundant soft cushioning, Asics’ Gel-Nimbus 25 Running Shoes come highly recommended. Featuring a midsole with foam and gel padding, they offer unparalleled support, comfort, and shock absorption. During testing, we felt light and agile on our feet, owing to the sneakers’ superior impact protection and responsive footbed. The tongue and collar are also amply padded, minimizing the risk of blisters or other discomforts.

As we walked, the pair’s built-in arch support effectively relieved foot pressure, while the deep heel cup ensured a secure fit. The Gel-Nimbus 25 also provided ample space for toe movement in its wide, tall toe box. These shoes also boast reflective details for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions and come with convenient heel pull tabs for easy on and off.

7) Orthofeet Coral Stretch Knit Shoe

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Ideal for those who favor firm arch support, particularly if you’ve struggled to find comfortable sneakers before.

Reasons We Adore Them

For individuals with flat and wide feet, finding a walking shoe that offers both robust support and ample space in the toe box is crucial. Orthofeet’s Coral Stretch Knit stands out in this regard, providing a roomy fit and steadfast support that impressed us during testing. The shoe’s arch support was notably firm and comfortable, and its secure heel cup ensured our feet remained firmly in place.

As a recipient of the APMA Seal of Acceptance, the Coral boasts a curved bottom that facilitates smooth and effortless strides. We particularly appreciated the inclusion of two removable insoles and an additional arch orthotic, allowing for a customizable level of support and cushioning. Despite our initial concerns about bulkiness, the shoe proved to be surprisingly lightweight, even after extended wear.

8) ASICS Gel-Kayano 30

Intended Audience

Ideal for overpronators, particularly those dealing with shin splints, heel spurs, or bunions.

Reasons We Adore Them

If you have flat feet, you may also experience overpronation, where your ankles roll inward as you walk or run. To gently realign your feet, we recommend Asics’ Gel-Kayano 30 Running Shoes. These shoes feature the brand’s 4D Guidance System, which uses a medial foam unit and a wide base to stabilize your feet. They also provide ample arch support and a durable rubber sole with excellent traction.

During our testing, we were impressed by how well the Kayano fit—snug yet comfortable from the moment our feet touched the ground. The reliable stability, combined with plush foam and gel cushioning, makes these shoes a great option for long hours of walking and standing on hard surfaces. Additional padding under the heel helps minimize shock during impact. With a breathable upper, the Kayano also keeps feet cool and comfortable on warmer days.

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9) Kizik Roamer

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Ideal for walkers who prefer the convenience of slip-on shoes but require a supportive pair to alleviate and prevent symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

Reasons We Adore Them

For those with flat feet and a susceptibility to plantar fasciitis, Kizik’s Roamer stands out as our preferred choice. This sneaker boasts superior support and ample cushioning, particularly in the heel, to alleviate foot discomfort and avert future bouts of plantar fasciitis. In our tests, we were immediately struck by the shoe’s heavenly cushioning. Which felt both plush and responsive, providing essential shock absorption—a key factor in managing plantar fasciitis. The shoe’s fit also impressed us, with a four-way stretch upper that was snug yet comfortable.

Despite its generous cushioning, the Roamer kept our feet cool during warm-weather walks, thanks to its breathable design. The toe box was roomy, making this sneaker an excellent option for walkers prone to blisters and bunions. For those tired of dealing with tangled laces, the Roamer’s convenient step-in design allows for effortless, hands-free wear.

10) Hoka Arahi 6

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Ideal for individuals who are constantly on their feet, whether for professional or recreational purposes.

Reasons We Adore Them

The Hoka Arahi 6 stands out as our premier choice for prolonged comfort. Its lightweight nature, under 8 ounces, ensures stability and support without adding unnecessary bulk. The shoe incorporates Hoka’s J-Frame stability technology, aligning with your natural stride to provide balance without overcorrecting your movement. Our tests revealed that the rocker sole of the Arahi 6 facilitates seamless transitions during walks.

We were particularly impressed with the shoe’s generous cushioning. Which effectively absorbs shock and prevents joint discomfort during and after our walks. The breathable material of the Arahi ensured our feet remained cool and blister-free, even on longer journeys. By the end of our evaluation, the wide toe box, extended heel pull tab, and dependable traction of the Arahi 6 left a lasting impression on us. Additionally, like other shoes on our list, the Arahi 6 has earned the APMA Seal of Acceptance, attesting to its thoughtful and beneficial design.

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