Unveiling Dynata: The Caller You’re Curious About

Dynata, the research company, isn’t attempting to sell or scam you, but their calls can be quite bothersome. If you own a phone, chances are you’ve received a call from Dynata at some point, asking if you’d like to participate in a survey. In today’s world of scams and spam calls, it’s easy to mistake Dynata’s calls for robocalls offering dubious “important information” about your vehicle insurance. However, it’s important to note that Dynata’s surveys are legitimate.

What is Dynata’s role?

Dynata’s primary role is to conduct surveys on behalf of various entities such as companies, political groups, and organizations. They seek feedback from the general public on prevailing trends and opinions. Established in 1999, Dynata mainly conducts its surveys over the phone.

However, while Dynata is a reputable company, not everyone is inclined to participate in their surveys. Some surveys can be time-consuming, lasting an hour or more, and often do not offer any rewards or compensation for the time spent. Moreover, there is no guarantee that a company will consider the feedback provided.

The main issue with Dynata lies in their frequent attempts to contact potential participants. They may call at any time, day or night, requesting input for their latest surveys. This can be quite bothersome and adds to the list of random phone calls that people often ignore. Fortunately, there are ways to stop Dynata from contacting you.

Blocking Dynata Calls: A Step-by-Step Guide

To stop receiving calls from Dynata, start by requesting removal from their contact list. Contact Dynata’s official support line at 1-833-757-1746 (North America) or 1-801-341-0764 (other regions) and opt out of their surveys.

Ensuring Dynata Calls Are Blocked: A Detailed Guide

While opting out of Dynata’s surveys and removing your number from their call list should stop their calls, some respondents have reported continued contact. In such cases, blocking Dynata’s number in your phone’s settings is recommended. Even if you’re not currently receiving calls, blocking their number can provide peace of mind.

For Android Users:

1. Open your Phone app, tap the three-dot “More” menu, then select “Call History.”

2. Choose Dynata’s number and tap “Block / Report Spam.”

Additionally, you can add blocked numbers in the Phone app under Settings > Blocked Numbers.

For iOS Users:

1. Open the Phone app and go to the “Recent” tab.

2. Tap the “i” icon next to Dynata’s call history, then scroll down and select “Block Contact.”

Alternatively, you can add the number in the iOS Settings menu under Phone > Blocked Contacts. 

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Caution: Identifying Fraudulent Dynatas Calls

Blocking Dynata calls is a simple way to avoid unwanted interruptions, but it doesn’t enhance your data security. Dynata conducts legitimate surveys, and participating in them is safe as long as you confirm the legitimacy of the call. Scammers may impersonate Dynata to extract sensitive information or sell products, mimicking common online or phone scams.

Dynata’s surveys only collect minimal participant information and never request sensitive data such as social security numbers, financial details, or login credentials. Participants are not obliged to answer every question and are not charged for participation. If someone claiming to be from Dynata asks for sensitive information, payment, or device access, it is a scam.

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